Today’s D Brief: More US arms to Ukraine; Black Sea blockade breaker?

The United States is sending another $100 million in weapons to Ukraine, and more is certainly on the way. That’s because lawmakers authorized a new $40 billion aid package for Kyiv that passed the House last week, and finally advanced, 86-11, in the Senate Thursday.


The U.S. Congress has approved an additional nearly $40 billion to Ukraine for weapons and humanitarian aid. That’s nearly triple the amount of the last aid package.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, more than a thousand soldiers have been evacuated from that steel plant in Mariupol. This as Russia consolidates its control of the city, which is strategically really important because of Mariupol’s position on the coast. Ukrainian officials are also out with some new, grim numbers. They say tens of thousands of people were killed during the months of bombardment and some of the fiercest fighting of the war.