Top Taliban leader Abdul Wali was killed

Top Taliban leader Abdul Wali was killed

Top Taliban leader Abdul Wali was killed

4 people, including top leader of Pakistan Taliban, Abdul Wali, were killed in a car bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan.

According to the authorities, the deceased leader was known as Omar Khali Khorasani.

The Pakistan Taliban claimed that the country’s intelligence agency was involved in the incident.

The incident took place in the country’s Paktika province on Sunday (August 7) ‚Äč‚Äčlocal time.

The news was published in various media on August 9.

Abdul Wali was killed last week in Kabul, Afghanistan, after al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Whether there is any link between the two incidents is being investigated.

Abdul Wali was on the US State Department’s most wanted list.

The United States had announced a $3 million reward for his whereabouts. News from CNN

Top Taliban leader Abdul Wali was killed

Tehreek-e-Taliban, also known as the Pakistani Taliban, is a US-designated terrorist organization in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When Wali was the leader, they launched several attacks in Pakistan.

In 2016, 74 people were killed and 362 injured in the horrific bombings on Easter Sunday.

Wally was also behind this incident. His party claimed responsibility for the attack.

The US State Department announced a three million dollar reward for information about Wally.