‘Tortured’ husbands protest differently

Tortured husbands protest differently

‘Tortured’ husbands protest differently

In domestic violence, men are more likely to be accused of abusing their wives. But recently a different scene has been seen in Maharashtra, India.

A group of men who were ‘abused’ by their wives took part in different protests.

A group of men from Aurangabad in Maharashtra built an ashram a few years ago after being ‘abused’ by their wives. It was named ‘Patni Peerit’ Ashram.

Recently, the members of this ashram took part in different protests. They worship an ashvattha tree by turning it 108 times counterclockwise.

Besides, he prayed that he would not get a wife in the next birth.

Citing Bharat Phulera, the founder of the ashram, an Indian media reported that a ritual called ‘Bhat Purnima’ is celebrated in the local area,

which is mainly performed by married women. Tuesday (June 14) was that day. On this day housewives worship the banyan tree.

They pray that the next seven births will match such a husband. But just the day before, the group of ‘tortured’ husbands did the exact opposite.

Bharat Phulera claims that many laws have been enacted to empower women. But it is being abused. So the law is needed for married men too,

so that the injustice done to them is also properly judged. They too can be vocal against a bad wife.