UK Cities on the Shortlist for City of Culture 2025

The UK has been celebrating since the announcement of the shortlist for City of Culture 2025 was released. The competition is fierce as there are twelve contenders vying to be named the next cultural hotspot in Britain. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of these cities and talk about what they have going on that makes them a contender for City of Culture 2025!

City of Culture, sometimes known as the UK City of Culture, is an award given to a city in the United Kingdom. It recognises and celebrates contributions made to the arts and culture by a city. The first ever winner was Derry Londonderry which became officially titled Northern Ireland’s City of Culture 2013. Now, these award winning cities are going up against each other to win the coveted title for 2025!

It was a tough decision for judges to make as 12 out of the shortlisted 20 cities were not selected for this year’s ceremony.

Here are the 20 cities that got shortlisted for City of Culture 2025!

1) Coventry Arts and city revitalisation

Coventry is known as a hub for arts and culture. In fact, the city has been recognised by UNESCO for its architecture. It was an important location during World War II where many famous bombers were manufactured. Coventry is a historical city with a modern twist!

2) Paisley Renfrewshire’s largest settlement

Paisley was once known for its textiles and weaving industry which is why it was named the Weaving Capital of the World. It is located in southwest Scotland and they have ambitions to become a UNESCO City of Design.

3) Stoke-on-Trent The Potteries, home to five World Heritage Sites!

Famous worldwide for its pottery industry, the city has also received UNESCO recognition for its mining history with six sites registered as part of the world heritage list. The unique landscape allows visitors to explore different aspects of the city in a single visit!

4) Coventry A post-industrial city with a thriving arts scene

After the bombing in World War II, much of Coventry was left in ruins. However, they have been through many renovations and redevelopments over the past years to become one of the most modern cities in England. With plans to build a new cultural hub and a new theatre, they are also investing in the arts scene with many innovative events such as this year’s Coventry’s Got Talent.

5) Paisley A city of creativity and cultural heritage

Renfrewshire is not just known for its pottery industry. The local area is also known for hosting some of Scotland’s best events. In 2015, the city hosted several celebrations to mark 40 years of punk rock legend, The Sex Pistols!

6) Lancaster A city with a rich maritime history and creative future

Lancashire is one of the most populated counties in England and they have been through some highs and lows over the centuries. Many people from the UK and around the world are familiar with the song, A Lancashire Lad . The area has also seen many big developments over the past few years.

7) Coventry An innovative British city that is home to major music acts

Coventry is not just known for its modern architecture but also for its contributions to the arts.