Ukraine is angry over Macron’s remarks about Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a “historic” mistake by starting the war in Ukraine. But French President Emmanuel Macron said Russia should not be insulted for doing so. Ukraine did not like his comment at all.

Strongly condemning Macron’s remarks, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba wrote on Twitter:

“Because Russia has insulted itself. It is better for us to focus on how to show Russia its own place. It will bring peace and save lives. ”

Macro rushed to stop Putin before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February. He even visited Moscow and held face-to-face meetings with Putin.
He has spoken to Putin on several telephone conversations since the war began. Although there is no sign of work being done so far. However, Macron did not hesitate to try to stop the war. He is trying to restore peace through diplomacy through talks with Putin.

Eastern Europe and some Baltic states, however, have been critical of Macron’s position. They allege that Macron’s position is putting too much pressure on Putin at the negotiating table.

“We must not insult Russia,” Macron said in an interview with a regional newspaper. So that the day the war stops we can make a diplomatic way out.

“I am confident that France will be able to play a strong mediating role.”

Macron’s interview was released on Saturday. “I think he is making a historic and significant mistake for his people, for himself and for history,” he said.

France has provided military and financial assistance to Ukraine since the start of the war. But even as leaders of several European Union countries visited Kiev during the war as a symbol of political support for Ukraine, Macron has not yet visited. Kiev especially wants him to go there. Macron says he’s not ruling out that possibility.

The Macron government sent a variety of weapons from the French military arsenal to Ukraine. He also spoke of increasing the production of arms manufacturers in his country.