Ukraine Side Negotiator Killed, Claims Russia



Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Saturday told the Himachal Pradesh get together that 309 individuals from the state have been cleared from war-torn Ukraine up until this point.

Talking during the spending plan meeting, the main clergyman said 149 understudies from the state are as yet stuck there.

A few understudies from the state are as yet trapped in Ukraine’s Kharkiv and Sumy, the main priest said.

Notwithstanding, there is a touch of rest that the clearing of understudies has additionally started from Kharkiv, he added.

Each conceivable exertion is being made to clear the understudies and the quantity of flights has been expanded to do as such, Thakur said.

Indians have been brought back in enormous numbers in Air Force and different planes from Ukraine’s adjoining nations Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia in the last two-three days, he added.

A few additional Indians will be taken back to India from Ukraine’s adjoining nations before long, he added.

The state government is in touch with the abandoned understudies and their folks, he added.

Congress administrator Asha Kumari said it has been discovered that Russia would give a protected hallway to clearing of the understudies abandoned in Kharkiv and Sumy.