Urban Meyer Shamefully Apologizes to His Team

In a video that has since gone viral, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer appears to yell at and belittle one of his players. The incident occurred during the team’s preseason camp on Tuesday, August 20th. In response to this event, Meyer addressed the entire team in a meeting Wednesday morning with what he described as “a shameful apology.

In an audio-only CMS media meeting on Thursday, Meyer said I want to start out today by saying that I’m sorry. That is not who I am as a coach or person. He also stated that he plans to apologize in person to the player after getting further information about the situation.

The issue began when the coach saw a player not wearing the proper cardiovascular equipment. It is important to note that this player had not been diagnosed with any issues and was appropriating safety measures for his own personal comfort. The student in question had only started working out last week and it appears that he did not want to wear the extra gear because it was uncomfortable.

Meyer stated, when I saw the player wearing only one heart monito, my coaching instincts and gut reactions said as he trailed off. He then proceeded to run down at a very fast pace to express his frustration with this player’s actions. I have a duty and responsibility to represent and teach, and I should have done a better job of handling the situation.

The coach continued his apology by saying that he does not feel this incident reflects on his ability as a coach. He was quoted as saying As I reflect upon it, my competitive nature took over and created an opportunity for negative energy via anger to be exhausted. I hope the media gets the full story because it was an isolated incident, not indicative of who I am or how my staff operates. My players know that I’m human and make mistakes like them every day, but you should never mistake that for me taking something away from my obligation to teach and coach within the values that we abide by as a program.

Meyer also clarified that the story had been sensationalized and exaggerated by an anonymous source, but would not go on further to elaborate on the situation. He said I didn’t read any of the article because it was just hearsay from somebody who was watching practice from a hilltop.

In terms of the relationship between himself and his player, Meyer said I apologized to him and we’re going to move forward. We have a strong commitment to our players and they need to know that we support them 100%.

This incident is just the latest chapter in what has become a season full of distractions for the Buckeyes. The team dismissed leading receiver Corey Brown prior to camp opening, while Meyer had left the team during spring training to take care of his an ill wife.