US police shot unarmed individual of color multiple times

An examination found that eight Akron, Ohio, cops shot Jayland Walker multiple times, remembering multiple times for the back, when they started shooting and killed the unarmed individual of color during a traffic stop three weeks prior, a clinical inspector said on Friday.

During a news gathering, Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler said her post-mortem likewise resolved that Walker, 25, had no medications or liquor in his framework when he was shot and killed by police on June 27.

The shooting was the most recent in a progression of killings of people of color by policing the United States that pundits say are outlandish. One of those killings, the 2020 homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis, lighted worldwide fights against police fierceness and racial treachery.

Since the occurrence in Akron, dissidents have held exhibits in the city of around 200,000 individuals calling for police to be considered responsible for the shooting and for equity for Walker, who was let go on Thursday.

Kohler said Walker was likewise struck in the middle, pelvis, legs and face by gunfire when officials started shooting at him after they endeavored to pull him over for a minor petty criminal offense and he escaped.

Following a pursuit of a few minutes, Walker leaped out of the vehicle and ran from the officials, a video delivered by police showed.