US successfully test-fires missile 5 times faster than sound: Pentagon

The United States has successfully tested an air-breathing hypersonic missile developed by Raytheon Technologies Corporation, the Pentagon said.Reuters news.

This information was given in a statement of the Pentagon on Monday local time.

Air breathing missiles or vehicles collect air from the atmosphere. That air mixes with the fuel in the engine to create high speed. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARP) is managing the Air Breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) development program in the United States. There is a competition between Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Corporation to get the contract to supply such weapons.
“Advancing our nation’s hypersonic capabilities is a matter of national imperative,” said Wes Kramer, president of Raytheon’s Missiles and Defense Business Unit. Another step forward has been made in that work. A series of successful tests will give us great confidence to mature our HAWC technology.”

The Pentagon says yesterday’s test of an air-breathing hypersonic missile was the third successful test of such a weapon since 2013.

The United States has conducted four air-breathing hypersonic missile tests since September last year. Tests of the Raytheon-made weapon have been successful twice. However, one of Lockheed’s tests was successful and another failed.

According to the Reuters report, the United States and the country’s international rivals are competing with each other to develop hypersonic weapons. It is considered a next generation weapon.

Hypersonic missiles can fly at high atmospheric levels with more than five times the speed of sound. Then its speed is about 6 thousand 200 kilometers per hour.