US urges China to increase pressure on Myanmar

The United States has called on China to increase pressure on Myanmar’s junta government in the wake of the execution of four pro-democracy activists. This information was reported in the report of BBC Online on Tuesday.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said China could influence Myanmar more than any other country.
Ned Price said they are calling on the rest of the world to do more about Myanmar. They will also work more.

However, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Regarding the execution of four pro-democracy activists, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Myanmar should use its laws and constitution to resolve differences.

Myanmar’s state media announced the execution of four people involved in the anti-junta movement on Monday. However, when their death sentence was executed, it was not mentioned.

Those executed were former lawmaker Phyo Zea Thke of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD), pro-democracy activists Kyaw Min Yew, Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw.

Ned Price said there can be no business as usual with Myanmar’s junta government. He called on all countries to ban the sale of military equipment to Myanmar.
Ned Price said the United States is considering all options to reduce the revenue of Myanmar’s junta government.

A military coup took place in Myanmar on February 1 last year. Suu Kyi’s government was overthrown and the country’s army seized power. Since then, pro-democracy supporters of Myanmar have been protesting against the junta government. The country’s military junta continues to brutally suppress pro-democracy activists.

Myanmar’s junta government has charged four pro-democracy activists with terrorist acts. They were sentenced to death in a closed-door trial.