Vampires in Whitby break world record for Dracula’s 125th commemoration

A mass social event of individuals dressed as vampires in Whitby has broken a world record.

The gathering of 1,369 was at the noteworthy Whitby Abbey to endeavor the Guinness World Record for the biggest social event of individuals wearing vampire outfits.

It is all to check the 125th commemoration of the distribution of Bram Stoker’s exemplary novel Dracula which was propelled by the nunnery.

The record was recently held by Doswell in Virginia, USA, where 1,039 vampires assembled in 2011.

The occasion was controlled by English Heritage, who direct the thirteenth century convent, as a feature of a time of unique occasions to pay tribute to the book.
Vampire dress is characterized as dark pants, skirt or dress, dark shoes, petticoat, shirt, dark cape or apprehended jacket and teeth on the top arrangement of teeth.

Those participating were blessed to receive re-institutions of Dracula when Will Tell Theater, music from a Goth band, toasted marshmallows and fried fish and French fries.