Veteran blamed for faking self destruction to stay away from kid assault charges gets 85 years in the slammer

A tactical veteran blamed for faking his self destruction in a bid to evade criminal accusations for assaulting and impregnating his 14-year-old stepdaughter has been condemned to 85 years in the slammer.

A jury on Thursday casted a ballot to convict Jacob Blair Scott, who showed no feeling when they viewed him to be blameworthy of nine counts of sexual battery, four counts of contacting a youngster for lecherous purposes and one count of kid double-dealing.

Specialists said Blair attacked his better half’s little girl while the lady rested in their Mississippi home throughout the mid year of 2018. Her mom possibly educated of the maltreatment when the high schooler’s more seasoned sister took her to an emergency clinic and took in the casualty was 10 weeks pregnant, as per police.

A DNA test later affirmed Scott was the dad.
The 43-year-old Mississippi man, from Moss, was captured on a progression of charges, however he posted bond in July 2018 and afterward neglected to show up for a planned trial that month. All things considered, he endeavored to counterfeit his own demise by leaving a little boat with a weapon and a self destruction note inside in Orange Beach, Ala., WLOX-TV revealed.

Specialists tracked down little proof to help a self destruction however looked for a body for over seven days in the Gulf of Mexico.
He was in the end caught in mid 2020 at a RV park in Oklahoma, where he was residing under someone else’s name.

Scott is a tactical veteran who was granted a Purple Heart in 2011 for wounds he got while sent in Iraq, as per the U.S. Marshals Service, which had once recorded him as one of its 15 most needed escapees.