Video of two missing US residents delivered on Russian TV channel

Two previous U.S. warriors disappeared last week while battling Russian soldiers for the Ukrainian armed force. Relatives can’t speak with them. News AFP.

Alexander Druk and Andy Huyn went to Ukraine from the United States. They are both previous U.S. troopers.

U.S. residents Alexander Druk and Andy Huynh disappeared last week while battling in Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden said yesterday that he had no data about the whereabouts of U.S. military authorities Alexander Druk and Andy Huynh.
Last night, Russian writer Roman Kosarev posted a video of Druk in the Telegram. In the video, Druk is heard saying, “Mother, I simply need to tell you I’m alive. I will get back straightaway. Think about me and love Diesel, I love you. ‘Druk’s pet canine is known as Diesel.

The video shows Druk sitting in an office, wearing a tactical uniform.

A meeting with Huen has likewise been broadcasted on RT’s Telegram station. In the meeting, he said the two were battling Russian soldiers in the Kharkiv locale of Ukraine. Notwithstanding, at one phase of the conflict they withdrew and stowed away for a couple of hours. They later gave up to Russian powers.

A U.S. State Department representative said Saturday that U.S. specialists had seen the video and the photographs. “We are intently observing the circumstance,” he told AFP. I feel frustrated about their family at this troublesome time. ‘

In a meeting with CNN on Thursday, Druk’s mom, Lois, said that her child had gone to Ukraine a month prior to converse with her.

“I need to tell everybody that we don’t believe they should leave one another and get back home. They are excellent companions. We need to remind everybody that this isn’t simply a question of one individual. ”

Huynh’s fianc Joy Black said in the very interview that he keep going addressed Huynh on June 6.

With tears in his eyes, Joy Blake added, “He said he cherishes me definitely. He won’t be accessible on the telephone for a few days. He was making an effort not to concern me.”

During a news meeting at the White House yesterday, Biden encouraged US residents not to venture out to Ukraine. “US residents shouldn’t go to Ukraine now,” he said. I rehash: US residents shouldn’t go to Ukraine. “