Volendam: The tradition of Johan Cruyff lives on in Wim Jonk’s side


FC Volendam are top of the Dutch second level having lost only one association game this season


Complete football and brilliant orange are inseparable from Johan Cruyff however it might shock some to observe the notable Dutchman’s inheritance motivating an advancement charge in the Netherlands’ subsequent level.

At the point when Wim Jonk got back to oversee childhood club Volendam in April 2019 he carried with him the staff liable for executing Cruyff’s thoughts during the ‘Velvet Revolution’ at Ajax just about 10 years prior.

Plan Cruyff’ was a change of the Dutch monsters’ design and foundation framework credited with delivering any semblance of Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt, with the emphasis on playing appealing football, making a presentation culture and creating youthful players through tailor made individual projects.

Conveying this vision in Amsterdam was one thing yet in Volendam, a fishing town 18 miles north of the Johan Cruyff Arena, the task is immeasurably unique.

The Other Orange’ have generally been a yo-yo club, elevated to the Eredivisie a record multiple times yet not having played first class football starting around 2009.

With helpless outcomes and unacceptable football seeing the two fans and supporters lose interest, Volendam were in some hot water when they approached Jonk and his group, who alongside Cruyff had left Ajax in December 2015 after conflicts with the board.

We have a few greater gifts than Ajax’

Getting Cruyff’s hypothesis to completion the Dutch second level has affirmed the triplet’s convictions, that exploring great and establishing the right climate can assist youthful players with arriving at their true capacity.

Working in Ajax, you are pretty much specific you have extremely skilled young men, in the foundation and around the principal group, so nature is dealt with assuming you scout well, adds Van Leeuwen.

Then, at that point, support becomes possibly the most important factor. How would you really foster them? Here nature won’t give us out of the 25,000 residents of Volendam with 10 uncommon gifts – this is unreasonable.

We are getting more data entirely being here, that assuming you find and select a few gifts that were disregarded elsewhere, on the off chance that you truly jump into their qualities, additionally their experience – perhaps they are late to develop, perhaps they were neglected due to an alternate vision elsewhere.

Taking Volendam to a higher level

Should Volendam win advancement this season, the objective is to get by in the first class next term and afterward become a set up Eredivisie club.

In the event that we go there, we have one more test to remain there and develop once more, says Jonk. That is more troublesome and another cycle starts.

There are now anticipates a multi-utilitarian new arena – formed like a boat, with regards to Volendam’s fishing roots – yet Jongkind says advancement will mean having to at minimum twofold the club’s financial plan.

We are pondering methodologies to sell the story and associate with supports who can connect with this thought of manageable turn of events, he says.