Westerners are destabilizing Myanmar by arming terrorists

Myanmar’s military is blamed for the Rohingya genocide in Rakhine state. Apart from this, the country’s military has also carried out killings to overthrow the government of State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and suppress protests. However, the head of Myanmar’s military government, Min Aung Hlaing, said the opposite. He claimed that the Western world was giving money and weapons to the “terrorists” in Myanmar. This is destabilizing the country.

Min Aung Hlaing said these things in an interview given to the country’s news agency RIA while visiting Russia. He also said that the country’s crisis is under control. According to the plan, the military government will do whatever is necessary to organize the elections next year.

Talking to RIA, the head of the junta government of Myanmar also said that the time has not yet come to talk about whether the plan to hold elections in August next year will be postponed or not. Because, the junta government has enough time to bring the law and order situation under control before this election. He said, “We promised to hold elections next year. We are making every effort to fulfill this promise.

The Junta Pradhan also mentioned that there will be no influence of foreign powers in this election. He said that the election will be held without any pressure from the outside world. Otherwise this election will not be transparent and impartial.

Myanmar’s military took control of power after ousting Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in February last year. Since then, protests have started in the country. In order to suppress these protests, the military forces have fired on ordinary people and arrested the country’s politicians en masse. They are being tried in courts under the control of the military government. However, pro-democracy activists, backed by the West, have started an armed struggle to stop the junta government. And the junta government is getting support from Russia and China.

Myanmar’s army chief visited the country to attend the Eastern Economic Forum conference held in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. Representatives of several countries including China, India, Japan participated in the conference. Hlai met with Russian President Vladimir Putin separately on Wednesday during the main conference.

According to the Kremlin statement, Putin said during the meeting, “Myanmar is our long-standing trusted partner in Southeast Asia.” Positively, our relationship is constantly improving.

Myanmar’s junta authorities said in a statement that the two heads of state had friendly and open discussions on bilateral cooperation. Apart from this, they discussed the current relations between the two countries and the international situation.

After the meeting, RIA news quoted Min Aung Hlaing as saying that Myanmar has started buying fuel oil from Russia. The Russian currency Ruble will be used for this payment.