What the actor's wife said about Nagarjuna

What the actor's wife said about Nagarjuna

What the actor’s wife said about Nagarjuna’s romance with Tabu

Nagarjuna Akkineni is a legendary actor of South Indian cinema. He has given many successful movies in his acting career. On the other side is popular actress Tabu. Apart from Bollywood, he also worked in the southern film industry. Many popular movies have been given as gifts. The duo’s popular movie ‘Nine Pelarata’. This romantic Telugu film won the National Film Award of India. It also dominates the box office.

Nagarjuna-Tabur became close due to this movie released in 1996. Even though Nagarjuna was married at that time, he fell in love with Tabu. Nagarjuna did not want his marriage with Amala Akkineni to break up even though he fell in love with Tabu. The couple continued their relationship for ten years by saving two clans. Being the top couple in the film industry at that time, they made headlines many times. Then a lot of water flowed. Over time, their two paths have become crooked. A new page of time covers their love story.

Tabu-Nagarjuna’s old love surfaced again. Because Nagarjuna’s wife actress Amala Akkineni recently spoke about this. But Amala does not believe in whatever people say.

What the actor's wife said about Nagarjuna

The actress said – ‘My house is as holy as a temple. I don’t let anything unpleasant from the film industry come into my house. I do not encourage such talk. I think, such things will pollute my house.’

Tabu-Nagarjuna are very good friends in personal life. Tabu still stays at our house when he comes to South India.’ said Amala.

Nagarjuna married Lakshmi in 1984. Actor Naga Chaitanya was born in this family. This couple got separated in 1990. Nagarjuna married actress Amala in 1992. Actor Akhil Akkineni was born in this family.