Who is this Elena Kavayeva, what is the relationship with Putin

Russia and President Vladimir Putin have been subjected to a series of sanctions since the Ukraine invasion. Putin is close to politicians, businessmen and officials, as well as his two daughters. This time, a name has been added to the list of new sanctions proposed by the European Commission, with which Putin has no blood ties or direct official ties. However, those familiar with Putin’s name have a keen interest in him.

She is former Russian gymnast Elena Kabayeva. At one point, Putin’s party was also a member of the United Russia Party. The party elected a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma. At one point he was the chairperson of Russia’s National Media Group. The group owns all of the country’s state-owned media. He currently lives in Switzerland.

There is another reason behind the special interest in Elena Kabayeva. There are rumors that she is the lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin. She is even the mother of some of the Russian president’s children.

If the rumors are true, he is also close to Putin. The question may arise, why was he still released from the shackles of prohibition? According to the BBC, citing several sources, the European Commission has offered to ban him this time, even though it has been so long.
The news agency AFP is saying the same thing. According to one of their reports, Elena was proposed to be placed on the sanctions list for spreading false propaganda on behalf of the Kremlin and for being close to Putin. The sanctions will be implemented only if the EU member states approve them.

Putin has always kept himself in strict secrecy. He avoided questions about his personal life. Maybe that’s why he has directly denied his relationship with Elena Kabayev.

In 2008, the Moscow correspondent reported that Vladimir Putin was planning to divorce his wife, Ludmila, and marry Elena Kabayeva. Then both women denied the news. Shortly afterwards, the Russian government shut down the newspaper. About five years later, Putin and Ludmila announced their divorce.

After Putin denied any involvement in the affair, Kavayeva turned from a successful athlete into a politician. Kavayeva was originally a rhythmic gymnast. The contestants present themselves using tools such as ribbons and balls.
Elena Kavayeva had a good reputation as a gymnast at home and abroad. He also claimed to be the best gymnast in the world at the best time of his career. Elena Kavayeva was the leading gymnast of the Russian team, and her team was influential in the sport. Russia won gold in every Olympics from 2000 to 2016.

Elena Kavayeva was born in 1983. He started practicing rhythmic gymnastics when he was only four years old. Coach Irina Viner was also thrilled to see Kavayev’s workout. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw him,” she said. He combines two important qualities of rhythmic gymnastics, which are not commonly seen. One of them is flexibility and the other is agility.

Cavaver made his international gymnastics debut in 1997. In just two years, he won the European Championship in 1998, much to everyone’s surprise.

After winning the European Championship, the pressure of expectations increased on him. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Khan Kavayeva stumbled on the path to fulfilling an unexpected dream. However, he did not have to return empty-handed. He won a bronze medal in the all-round event. Four years later, Athens won the coveted gold medal at the Olympics.
Before retiring, Kavayeva won 16 world championships. He has also won 25 European Championships. However, like other athletes in Russia, he could not be free from the dope scandal. His medal was revoked in 2001 after he tested positive for dope.

Kavayeva became involved in politics after retiring from gymnastics. He was a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma, from 2006 to 2014. Then in 2014 she was elected chairperson of the National Media Group.
Russia’s state-run media has been reporting on the Kremlin. Ukraine is also publishing various positive news for Russia about the war. Not only that, the Ukrainians are shelling their own cities, and the Russian forces are presented in these media as freedom fighters.
As a rich woman, Kavyeva has a reputation in Russia. Although nothing is known about his total wealth. However, some leaked documents show that his annual income is about 12 million dollars.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it is very normal to meet the president of one of the country’s top athletes. The two are seen in a 2001 film. That year, President Putin handed over the state’s highest medal, the Order of Friendship, to Elena Kavayeva.

There are rumors that Putin and Kavayev have multiple children. However, there have been different reports in the media about the number of children. According to a local Swiss newspaper, Kavayeva gave birth to a baby boy in 2015 at a clinic near Lake Lugano. In 2019, he had another son there.
According to the Sunday Times and the Wall Street Journal, Elena Kavayeva became the mother of twins in Moscow in 2019. However, these two newspapers have two kinds of information about the total number of his children.
The Kremlin has denied the allegations. In 2015, a spokesman for Putin said that the news of Vladimir Putin’s birth had no basis.
Putin, however, never publicly mentioned the names of his children born to his first wife, Ludmila. He just said that he has two adult daughters.

Kavayeva has been in talks since her relationship with Putin became public. Fashion magazine Vogue covers the cover in 2011. There she wore a gold-plated dress made by the French fashion house Belmain. Kavayeva was one of the torchbearers at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Elena Kavayeva last attended the Junior Gymnastics Festival in Moscow last April. Through this he poured water into what was being said that he was hiding himself. He praised Russia’s campaign in Ukraine.

Demands for sanctions on Kavaeva have been high since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that the United States is not interested in this. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Vladimir Putin.