Gerard Pique's wife Shakira hate Messi's wife

Gerard Pique's wife Shakira hate Messi's wife

Why did Gerard Pique’s wife Shakira hate Messi’s wife?

Ever since Barcelona star defender Pique and star singer Shakira parted ways, questions have been raised about various aspects of their relationship.

Why did this happen, when did this incident start? What  Shakira’s relationship with Peek’s teammates and their wives and lovers? Recently, those questions answered.

Shakira did not have a good relationship with Pique’s teammates’ girlfriends and wives, especially with Messi’s wife Antonella.

Spanish journalist Lorena Vasquez broke the news on a recent TV show.

On the occasion, Lorena said that Pique’s ex-girlfriend was not very comfortable with the friends of the Barাa defender, due to Shakira’s authoritarian nature.

For this reason, Pique’s friends used to call Shakira La Patrona in the background, which stands for The Boss.

He added that his relationship with Messi’s wife Antonella was not very good.

The two also seen arguing with him. Shakira also had a very cool relationship with Pique’s other teammates.

He would sit apart during Catalan matches, he would also be absent at post-match parties.

He did this mainly to maintain the image of a superstar, says Lorena

Gerard Pique's wife Shakira hate Messi's wife?

Meanwhile, Shakira is going to enter a new era by leaving PK behind in her life, through the buzzing English news.

According to the Daily Mail, Shakira is currently vacationing in Miami, USA, where she met a male friend. Soylab is now on social media in their pictures playing in the sea.

Shakira swims with her son Milan in the sea of ​​Miami. This new friend there has seen him in a very good mood.

After splitting with Pique, the two children Sasha and Milan will be with whom, now there is a complication between Pike and Shakira.

It is learned that Spanish defender Pique is not willing to give up his children’s rights even though his relationship with Shakira has gone to Chukebu.