Zinshenko fulfills his childhood dream by enrolling in Arsenal

Oleksandr Zinshenko is exactly what three in one means. He is a left back, left wing back and attacking midfielder. This talented Ukrainian player has been released by Manchester City.

Arsenal brought him to the team for three million euros. Zinchenko, however, is very happy to sign for Arsenal. He has dreamed of playing for the Emirates club since childhood.
Zinchenko, 25, grew up watching Thierry Henry play at Arsenal. Then he saw Cece Fabregas. Seeing these two footballers of his choice playing in Arsenal, he also dreamed of playing for the Emirates club. Finally, like Henry and Fabregas, he also got a chance to play for Arsenal.

Signing up for Arsenal, Zinchenko said, ‘I will say this, one of my childhood dreams has come true. When I was younger, I was a big fan of Arsenal. “When Thierry Henry and Cess Fabregas played here, I enjoyed Arsenal’s matches,” added Zinchenko on Arsenal’s website. Ah, that Arsenal!’

Arsenal want Zinchenko to do something like Anri and Fabregas. He wants to bring success to the team. Now looking forward to his debut in Arsenal’s jersey, he said, “Obviously I’ve come to love the club since then (from the days of Anri and Fabregas). All in all, I am thrilled. I can’t bear to play for Arsenal.

Zinchenko did not want to stop talking about his joy to be signed to Arsenal. He continued to say, ‘This feeling is incredible! Honestly, it’s a dream come true. Even I couldn’t imagine from that childhood that I would one day play for Arsenal. But now that time has come. I am very happy.’

Zinchenko signed for Manchester City in 2016. There he got Mikel Arteta, the current coach of Arsenal, as his first assistant coach. Apart from this, Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus also signed from City to Arsenal in this team change. Many believe that these two have a role in signing Zinshenko to Arsenal.

Zinchenko himself said that, “I would also say, this is the most important reason behind my decision to come here.” Regarding Arteta, Zinchenko then added, “From the first day at City, I felt that he would be a very good coach one day.”

The Ukrainian midfielder is also excited about Jesus, “He is my very good friend. I want to say, he was also involved in this discussion. He told me a lot of good things about Arsenal. He said good things about the environment and people here. I was impressed and thrilled to hear what he had to say.’